Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer stuff part 2

Where to begin. I have fished a bit through out the summer, but it hasn't been super high on my priority list. Have been saving for a trip later this fall with the wife to a little island in the Caribbean. I have fished the Frying Pan, Dream Stream, Yampa, Blue, Cheesy, Joe Wright Res, and 11 mile. Nothing to shocking or out of the ordinary there. I have brought the float tube on a few trips, but have yet to pump it up.

The Frying pan was high and muddy and flowing near a 1,000 cfs when we were there. We hit 11 mile before the high waters hit. Fished the dream at good flows and caught a bunch of fish, the blue, is the blue, Joe Wright was fun, caught a few grayling, which was a nice change of pace. Cheesy is the cheese as well and had a good time as always before the high water set in there. Went up to the blue a couple weeks back and forgot my wading boots, so attempted to fish the higher water in my chaco sandals. I really dont recommend that, unless you want banged up toes!

Took a family vacation up to Steamboat this past week and got out a few times during the week. The first afternoon I tried to fish just before town, but it was just below the main rubber hatch area and I spent more time dodging tubers, which wasn't all that fun, caught a few small cutts, before I decided to bag it.

Then a two days later I headed up towards Stagecoach, but didn't make it quite to it, I found a nice section of a mile and half of river that I had by myself for a while, before I ran into another angler who said he was up near Stagecoach, but it was packed with folks and he came down here, because it was open and no one was there but me. I had a great time in this section, landing and loosing fish after fish after fish, caught browns, cutts, and big bows. I lost a few big bruisers as well. I didnt have my camera, but had my Iphone on me and managed to snap a few shots with that, but I was too afraid that I was going to drop it into the river, so only broke it out a few times. Some of the photos of fish are below.

Then on Friday, we went to town mid day and walked around town and the kids were tired and the family wanted to head back to the condo for some rest and relaxation, so we went back to the truck and I put on my wading boots grabbed the rod and decided to work my way through town and work my way back to the condo. Spent a few good hours on the river, catching fish and dodging tubers. I managed, a grand slam this afternoon, with a cutt, brook, and few browns and bows to boot. Was a great time.

That is about the end of it. Nothing to spectacular, but some good times and well some off times.
Have a couple more trips planned in the coming weeks, but nothing big, just a bit of water time.


Sanders said...

Sounds like you've had a pretty good summer! Glad you have been able to find the time to get out, especially with all of the stuff you have going on.

Chad Gauerke said...

Thanks Sanders! Yeah, it has been a very busy summer so far. Hopefully will get in a few more good days in this fall and early winter. Cheers.