Thursday, November 1, 2012

A bunch of New products

Howdy all,

I just wanted to update you with a couple new products hitting the shelves (or monitor screens) over at .

The first one is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  It is the Tungsten Thread!  Yes you read that correctly. Tungsten Thread.  It adds the twice the weight but not the bulk of lead or leadfree wire.  Great for tying midge bodies with lots of weight to sink pretty fast.  Also great for those underbody weight.  Comes in two sizes right now, Fine and extra fine. Also makes great ribs!  Have a pair of beat up scissors on hand to cut this stuff though, because it will dull those Dr. Slicks pretty quickly.  

Next up is a new product from Hends, Patinal Tinsel which is a matte tinsel, not as flashy as the mylar tinsels we are used to getting here in the States.  It makes great body ribs and midge bodies.  Kevin says it very narrow, 1/69" but tough, with some stretch with no need to coat it with lacquer or head cement or Sally's! Comes in a whole bunch of colors so pick some up today. Great for fishing low, clear water conditions for tough to catch trout. Some sample pics below.   

Kevin is also adding products as I type this.  Look for some new Polish Quills, some new Jack Poly dry fly dubbing, Hooks, ect...   More to come later.  Cheers.