Monday, May 23, 2011

Back on the Train

Okay then, last update, was Good Friday, which was, depending on how you look at it, either a good day or a bad day. What is your definition of a good day vs a bad day. Well on this particular day the good wasn't so much the fishing, but I did manage to catch a helluva fish. Bad-was the 4-runner breaking down. Now lets flash forward a few weeks, I still have the 4 runner, which is still not working, and won't be until someone who decides to buy and fix it up them selves. I decided to upgrade the vehicle a bit, while every one is down sizing their cars, I biggie sized mine. LOL. I ended up with the car I have sought for some time. A Toyota Sequoia, now I just have to keep a little journal to remind myself to change the oil every four thousand miles and then some, instead of my previous output of say every 7 to 10 thousand miles. This way Ill keep the Toyota running for some time.

So after being vehicle-less for sometime, I put fishing on the back burner no fly tying and no fishing for a few weeks. Which was good, because when I finally did get back on the river, I had a good day. A range of nice sized fish, small, medium and a few pigs. Good times.

I also found myself getting back to the vise this past week and turning out a few BWO dries and emergers, some green drake dries, some adam's dries, and to wrap it up some pmd cdc paraloops. So hopefully I will be getting around to photographing them this week, before disappearing in the mountains for Memorial day weekend.

Also this week, look for a product update, this one all you midge tiers will like.