Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Go Barbless in 2012

2012 is here and the world is upon a re-birthing of sorts. The Mayan calendar comes to an end this year and all sorts of folks have different views to what is going to happen. From the complete destruction of earth, to Alien invasion, to higher level of consciousness, and many other crazy ideas have emerged.

I am going to suggest another crazy idea for 2012! Let us as fly fisherman, go to barbless hooks! I have been using barbless for years, I find they are easier to release a fish without using forceps, because the hooks easily slides out. I have also found it is easier to remove from my skin on an errant gone bad cast. I think they some of the barbless hooks hold better then barbed hooks, they are easier to penetrate the fish lips for a good hook up. The barb sometime complicates the hook up and you lose your fish. There are some great barbless hooks on the market from some of the well known names you know and use daily, to some European style models, and this year landing stateside is yet another new barbless brand.

These barbless hooks are called Soldarini and come from Italy and the mind of Sandro Soldarini himself. He is introducing a very well thought out and strong barbless hook. These Hooks went through years of ongoing research, development and testing and is made from some of the best steel on the market. The series of hooks has four different models. The D-Series is a classic nymph hook straight, black finish and in sizes 10-16. The J series is a jig hook(not pictured) black nickle finish in sizes 10-16. The G series is the grub/scud hook, bronze finish in sizes 10-16. The S series is a long shank streamer hook, with a black nickle finish in sizes 8-10.

At first glance of the g or grub/scud hook it should intrigue the tyers here in the U.S. because of the uniformed shape of this particular hook. When looking at it, it appears to be the same shape as most scud hooks that you are used to tying on. Like the TMC 2487, 2457, Dai Riki 135 and the Daiichi 1120 hooks. This hook resembles these hooks with its very uniformed curved shape that will appeal to tyers here in the US. Take a glance below at the continued curved shank. They also have a brownish bronze-patina finish, and hook spear is pointed up much like the Dohiku Grub hook, but the curved shank is what is appealing about this hook and the hook gap looks to be a sure fish holder as well.

Grub/Scud Hooks

Classic Nymph Hook

Streamer Hooks

Monday, December 19, 2011

Various Twists

Just finished up a few orders of flies. Here is some various pics of flies that were twisted up.

Have a Happy Holiday Season.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dynamic Nymphing

Once in awhile comes along a good read and here is the newest good read. This book is worth checking out and learning a few new tricks. I think its actual release date is in January. But you can get a copy now for the Holidays from Performance Flies.

Here is book worth looking into.