Monday, January 9, 2012

Denver Fly Fishing Show

Well the Denver Fly Fishing Show is done and has moved out of town for another year. I tied flies again this year at show Saturday and Sunday. Had a good time as always, got to see old friends, made some new ones, received a few custom orders, Thanks Gents! Want to thank all who stopped by to watch me twist up a few bugs. Here is a photo of one of Sunday's more popular bugs. The photo was taken by Carl P. Check out his blog CP's Fly Fishing and Tying.

This fly is my Prince Nymph Hybrid called The Stoned Prince.
Hook: Partridge CZ #12
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Brown
Bead: Gold Tungsten 1/8
Tail: Dubbing Mix of Performance Flies UV Black Ice Dub and Life Cycle Golden Stone
Body: Same as above
Rib: Mono Chameleon
Wings: Spirit River vinyl wing material Wings and Things Clear motted
Legs: Partridge
Thorax Same as tail and body
Prince Style wings: White Goose Biots
Hot Spot: UV black Ice mix with blue fine sybai flash.

other version tied over the weekend, had hot spots added by using Glo Brite Thread Fl. Pink and Fl. Yellow. Thorax's had Bronze Siman Peacock. Will try and post pictures later this week.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Soldarini Barbless Hooks

Just a quick update on Soldarini Barbless Hooks! I have received quite a few emails about where to get these hooks, they are available at Check them out. I think you will enjoy these hooks.

Also I will be tying at the Denver Fly Fishing Show this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Come by and check it out.