Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Horn River April 16-18

Was able to fish the Big Horn River in Fort Smith Montana last week. Arrived early morning Thursday after leaving my house around 1:30am. Fishing on Thursday was to say the least a bit tough for the most part. Only landed about a dozen fish through-out the day. No one fly was the ticket either. After arriving we hit the 3 mile access and fished around the Islands most of the day. Only landed about 7 fish from 10:30 till 4ish when we decided to break for snacks and warm up. After munching we hit the Afterbay area and I headed straight to the meat hole, which in years past has been a huge producer. I got into the meat hole, which I had all by myself for about a half hour before Brandon, Stefan and Bill Showed up. Right when I got into the hole, I hooked 2 nice browns right away on a little purple midge. A few more cast nothing. Changed flies to a black zebra midge and hooked 3 more fish. Then it completely shut off for me, nothing even a strike for the next hour and we decided to bag it in for the night.

Friday morning, Eric, Jason and I got down the the ramp and started floating down stream. This day was a little bit better, but not as great as years past. Not one main fly sticks out as a real producer for me. But landed about 24 fish today.

Saturday the 3 of us again floated Afterbay to Big Horn access with today being much better as a fish producing day. But again had to work for all the fish as not a single fly was big producer for me. I did pretty well out of the boat today and later holes below 3 mile.

Not much to report from this trip. It was fun, good to get out and catch some fish, but with the water temp much lower, the flows much higher and various weather fronts, the fishing was as good as previous years.

Until next time, tight lines and threads.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big Horn River, Ft. Smith, Montana

Later this week... I am off to the Big Horn River, in Fort Smith, Montana. The prep work has been done... I have changed my fly-line on one reel and built a new leader, had another reel lubed up. I have washed and re-waterproofed both my waders and wading jacket. Organized my flies and made room for the new ones. I have spent numerous hours at the vise the last few weeks, turning out, tiny baetis, midges, jujubees, cdc sow bugs, ray charles, the latest mutations or evolution of the CQ Little Brown Trout and Bunker Bombs Streamers. I also tied up a bunch of the Big Horn Streamers with my CQ & Bunker Evolutionary work.

This will be year six for Brandon and I and looking forward to it.
Here are some photos from years past.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cheesman Canyon

I ventured into Cheesman Canyon mid January. Weather forecast that day was temps in the 30's, snow and chance of trout. Here is a few pics from the day.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Been Away, Winter, Big Horn

Sorry I have been away awhile and have not posted in a few months. Hope to change that over the course of spring, summer and fall.

Winter set in and my work and family pulled me away from the rivers that I normally fish in the winter. Only happened to get out twice between the New Year and today. Shameful I Know!

Lets start with January I only saw one day on the river, a very productive day fishing Cheesman Canyon. I have some photos from the days outing which Ill post later. Fished the river with a my buddy Matt. We fished a great portion of the morning and early afternoon and then spent the afternoon doing some bug research. Oh my gosh, has the river changed over the last few years bug wise. More on that to come another time. The rest of January saw me traveling and spending time for work in the grand city of Lost Wages. Needless to say I didn't loose all my wages, it was avoided easily by not gambling.

February- no fishing at all this month, but found myself tying at the West Denver TU Tying Clinic. Had a blast again this year and looking forward to next. I was the 2nd seated person and had a very busy, busy morning. Lots of folks coming up and checking my stuff out, which was a real treat and got to meet alot of other folks as well. Some I only knew by there web board handles. LOL.. Things I tied, were, bunker bombs, Stones and caddis of the underworld, dirty CDC Caddis, a few midges at request and a couple of beatis flies that were by request. Ill post some pics as well of some flies I tied from this event.

March- managed to get out once on a cold Sunday afternoon to the Blue River for a change, little did I know, but I was rusty as hell and for the first time in quite sometime I was skunked, no fish. It felt good to know I was still human and capable of getting skunked. Must have had something to do with the little front moving in and put the fish down. LOL!! Nice excuss! I did hook a couple but did not land any. Did manage to move about a dozen fish, but it was not happening for me. Did manage to talk to a few other anglers that day who, were in the same boat as me, which was good. Back to the drawing board!

April- As I sit here, I am having visions of being on the Bighorn River in Fort Smith, Montana, which is a good thing, because for the last 5 years Brandon and I have been making the annual drive up there to fish. Over the last 5 years we have been thrown curve balls and almost have not been able to make the trip, but somehow him and I continue to make the trip. So the trip is just under two weeks away and to say the least I am getting a bit excited. More so this year then previous years, maybe it is because my fishing time has been very sparse this year. Oh well.