Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A recent Vacation

Wow, Summer is nearing its end and just to say, I have had one relaxing summer away from flyfishing and flytying for the most part except for a few custom orders thanks to the FlyFisherman Magazine article. I have not picked up my fly rod since May. So its been a good few months since I have fished, which as it turns out, was a good thing. I slipped a disc in my back and was hurting for over a month an a half this summer, but it is on the mend now and feeling better with each and every passing day. Woo Hoo. I have recently sat back down at the vise and began work on some new patterns for the fall.

When I decided it was time to sit back down at the vise and start tying up some patterns, I was at a dead end, no creative juices flowing yet. So I had my buddy Kevin Compton send me about a dozen and half different patterns, and that was all it took as I needed only one look at them to get me going on some patterns that I had dancing around in my head for some time. It was the perfect starting point to get myself back at the vise.

When I did sit down, I wanted to do some new Caddis patterns. I had the visions of what Kevin sent me and visions of some Slovakian and Czech patterns that I had seen before during a pattern search. I was ready to tie!

The basic recipe for what I did is listed here.

Hook - Dohiku #301 #14p
Tail or Anal prolong - CDC Fly DK
Underbody - FLY DK Green River Dubbing
Overbody - Body Stretch Sand Hends
Wings - CDC and Wood Duck
Thorax - Squirrel dubbing loop style.

The flies came out really nice. Hope to get them photographed in the next few days and then I'll post them.

Sorry for the long departure this summer, it was needed after years of hardcore tying and fishing. It was a well deserved break and I look forward to cranking out some new patterns this fall and winter. I also plan on hitting the water soon with fly rod in hand ready for some action.

Here is something for you to look forward to, is Rick Takahashi's Book Modern Midges. I have a few patterns in his book and can't wait to see the final product.

Keep those wraps tight!!!