Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mirage Copper Sexy MayStone

The Mirage Copper Sexy MayStone came about after fiddling with a few other patterns and trying to combine a few elements of different may and stone fly patterns into one. The Sex Stone fly pattern is a popular stone fly pattern up in the Roaring Fork Valley and the only thing that I took was the name. LOL. , The Shimmer Stone was uploaded last year to the fly tying contest held by Feather Craft. I liked the idea of the flash under the Half Round Rib. And the Copper John body is made from, well Copper Wire in a variety of colors so it too gives the fly a bit of shimmer or flash. I was playing around with a few different ideas and this is what I came up with. I really liked the final product. I thought this pattern would work perfect in place of a Copper John or Wired Stone Fly or any other heavy weighted fly. I have a few more ideas creeping into my head for this pattern, to give it some variation, that I will think will pop in the eye of the beholder and lure a few fatties as well.

The Mirage Copper Sexy MayStone
Hook: Nymph Hook any style nymph hook will work.
Bead: Brass or Tungsten
Tail: Goose Biots and pink dubbing (Siman)
Weight: Lead Free - .020 or .015
Body: Brassie Ultra Wire Black and Hot Yellow or Copper Brown and Chartreuse woven over Mirage Opal Tinsel.
WingCase : Siman Magic Shrimp Foil (add some biots for a prince style look to it.)
Thorax: Here I used Jacks Olive Peacock or Rusty Black Squirrel blend
Legs: Partridge or any soft hackle type feathers. Rubber Legs would work as would biots. Depending on how you would like to dress it. Here I chose Partridge.
Check out how the tinsel peaks through the woven wire giving it a bit of nice flash to it. This fly is perfect for the pre stone fly hatch, dirty water, lead fly, or searching pattern. This thing will sink quick and get down fast. Can be fished as a trailer behind a meaty streamer, or used as a lead fly.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Polweevil

Ah, the Polweevil. What exactly is the Polweevil, well, I sat down at the vise the other night to begin working on a few new fly patterns, but wasn't quite sure what to tie. So I put a beaded hook into the vise and sat looking at the desk of materials. Hoping something will jump out at me. Nothing did, so I turned around and began digging stuff out from my fly tying box from the demo at Hook Fly Fishing shop from the week before and found some sand thread and began laying down the foundation. Added some lead to the shank and began to cover that up. The phone rang so I went to go answer it and low and behold as I was running up stairs to get the phone, the pattern hit me. I quickly ignored the phone and turned around and sat down at the vise. Tied in a piece of Amber Ultra Wire for the ribbing. Tied in the Glo-Brite Flosses. Green on the far side and Orange on the near side. Turned the vise and stared the Polish Weave. Ribbed the fly and tied that off and add the Turkey Biot wing pads. Yes the Polweevil was born. It is a mutation cross between the Davie's Evil Weevil and Vladi's Polish Nymph. I added a special blend of Squirrel and Angelina fibers with hints of UV in it and finished off the fly. The first fly was a little rough, because the idea was there, but laying down the fundamentals of the fly were a work in progress. By the time I was done, I had about a dozen twisted up and each and every fly looking better then the previous one. I was happy with the way the flies turned out and they should be real fish catchers here in the near future. They should work in all kinds of situations from Stoneflies, to large mother day Caddis and even some of the bigger mays later in the Season. I will test them out soon. But thought I would share, because I thought they looked buggy and had the elements to catch that lunker behind the rock that has eluded you for some time. These are the first two to come off the vise. They are not the prettiest of ties, but was thrilled at the outcome.

Happy Twisting.

The Polweevil
Hook: Partridge CZN #12, 14, & 16
Threads: Base Layer Benecchi Sand 12/0 and finish Black Benecchi 12/0
Bead: Nickel Tungsten 1/8
Weight: .015 Lead
Body: Glo-Brite Floss Green and Orange
Rib: Ultra Wire Amber Brassie
Wing Buds: Turkey Biots
Thorax: SLF Squirrel and mix of Golden Iris UV Angelina Fibers, or Olive mixed with Golden Iris UV Angelina Fibers

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hook Fly Fishing Demo

I am doing a fly tying Demo Saturday March 5th at Hook Fly Fishing down in Highlands Ranch Saturday at noon. Come by and check it out. I will be twisting up some buggy looking bugs for all in attendance.

Check out Hooks website at They are located at 2030 E. County Line Road in Highlands Ranch in the Southwest Corner Just East of Target and Sunflower Markets.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jacks Back dubbing Review

Jack is Back. Some of you maybe fimilar with Jack, but, If you are not fimilar with Jack Mickievicz, here is a breif story about the guy. Jack is the man who introduced packaged dubbing to the market somewhere in the Early 70's. He helped co-design the presentation Renzetti vice too, he has also accomplished and done many things for the fly fishing industry too many to list, but enough to be well known through-out the north east. Most of what I didnt know until just recently. Heck I had no clue the guy ever exisited up in till a few weeks ago, when I was sent a few packages of his dubbing to try out. The dubbings I received were Jack Mickievicz Genuine Hare Dubbing Dark Olive, Rainbow Masterblend Stonefly yellow, and Red Fox Squirrel Thorax dubbing. My good friend Kevin over at Performance Flies told me he had lured Jack out of retirement to work on his amazing blends of dubbing once again. I don't know too much history of his dubbings, but from what I do know, his dubbings are very popular through - out the north eastern United States and have been searched out by many folks.

As of now the dubbings he is offering over at Performance Flies is Jacks Genuine Hare's Ear Dubbing is made with English Hare skins and is available in Ginger, Brown, Medium Greyish Brown, Blackish Brown, Olive, Olive Brown, Blackish Olive, Light Dun, and Dyed Black.

Jack's Squirrel Blends is a mix of Squirrel and Antron that not only gives your flies spikiness it also gives it a small bit of flash but not too much to shy the fish away. Just enough to lure the fish in. The Squirrel blends come in Grey and Antron, Red Fox Abdomine Blend (Belly hair), and Red Fox Thorax Blend(Black hairs). I think you will really enjoy this dubbing. I have found it very easy to work with and I have also mixed it with some Angelina fibers to give it that extra special pop.

Next Up is Jack's Masterblend which is a mix of Natural Fur, Antron and Crystal Flash and this stuff comes in the pefect color combonations for you midge tiers out there. Rainbow Warrior Light color, Ranibow Warrior Dark, Purple Haze, Stonefly Yellow, and Peackcock Olive. I also think you guys will enjoy the the Stonefly Yellow and Peacock Olive colors. I have included both of them here to give you an idea of the coloring in these mixes.

And the last blend that is available is the Poly Caddis Blend with Antron. I have yet to see and play with this blend but I thought I would share that it is also available. Colors available for this blend is Amber & Cream, Olive, Apple Green, Brown Olive, Tan Caddis, Grey Caddis, Cinnamon Tan, Yellow, Greyish Yellow, and Blackish Brown. I am showing the Olive color here because I think it pops really nicely and should be a sure fish catching blend.

Happy Tying!