Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot spot Bugs

Nothing to special here, Just a few bugs, using Glo-Brite Floss as hot spot, Body Quill, Nymph Head' Steelhead Blue Tungsten Beads, Fine Wire, Magic Shrimp Foil, Benecchi Thread and Jacks Dubbing. More on Jack's dubbing coming soon.
I really like how the Glo-Brite Floss adds to the fly, and my only complaint is that it builds up rather quickly. These are only a few wraps to secure. The bugs do pop out at you though.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tungsten Bugs

An assortment of Tungsten Thread Bugs in various colors and weights, some with single beads and a few with double beads. Shot in a few different angles. I had just finished twisting up these bugs to refill some empty spaces in a box and they were laid about the stealie coaster and I liked how they looked spead out and decided to take a few shots. After going through the photos these are the ones I thought really highlighted a few features in the flies in different angles and views.

Tails: Coq De Leon
Body: Benecchi Thread
Ribs: Fine Wire and Body Quills
Coating: Fly Rite's Fly Tite Cement
Thorax: Squirrel and Angelina
Bead: Tungsten
Hot Spot : Globrite Floss

Friday, February 18, 2011

Product Spot Light - Fly Rite's Fly-Tite Head Cement

Fly Rite's Fly-Tite Head Cement is an innovative non toxic cement that is made of all natural ingredients. It dries clear and flexible. 2 fluid ounces comes in this little bottle. I have just started using this product that was recommended to me. And after a few uses, I have to say it is quite easy to work with. No toxic fumes to be concerned with. Gives off a semi-gloss coat. Strengthens your whip finish or adds a nice coat of durability to your flies. You can put down a small layer of the cement on the shank before you begin twisting the thread for durability as well. The stuff is available for $4.95 at Performance Flies.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Got to get out and fish

I got to get out and fish a bit yesterday. We meet in Higlands ranch were we quickly hopped into Keith's truck and made the drive over to the canyon. We got a bit of late start opting to meet at 9:30 to let things warm up a bit. And what a great call that was, because it was absolutely beautiful day for it. After we made the snowpack trek up to the ridgeline and the icey and snowpack trek down to the river, we all took a different run to work. It wasn't long before I was into fish. We didn't hike far into the canyon, because all the early holes and runs were open and folks must have been further up the canyon. Both Keith and I caught fish, Robert had a more difficult day as did many other anglers we ran into. I hooked my fair share of fish though out the day and landed this brute of a fish about 4:20 just as we were getting ready to leave. Robert was fishing this little run and pool with no luck. He moved down stream a few yards, so I moved down a few feet and just above where he was and made a couple of cast and got this one to come up and take me for a ride. Ended a very beautiful day of fishing the canyon. Had a great time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Super Bowl Champ

I am a big Green Bay Packer Fan. With their Super Bowl win last Sunday, I was in the dungeon designing a Super Bowl Champ nymph in honor of them. This is what I came up with it. It is a Polish Woven nymph in Green and Gold coloring. A very simple Champion Polish Nymph.

Here it the Super Bowl Champ!

Hook: Dohiku G-644 #14
Bead: Tungsten 3.0 mm 7/64"
Threads: Underbody White Benecchi 12/0, Finishing Thread Benecchi Black 12/0
Body: Glo-Brite Flosses Top: Green, Bottom: Lime Green
Rib: Small Gold Wire
Thorax: Spiky Squirrel Dubbing

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flashback Underworld Caddis

I was asked to put this caddis pattern up here on the blog. It is a take off of my original version of the caddis of the underworld patterns. The only difference being is that I added a bit of UV Tan dubbing in the tailing area and instead of using Klima live body for the body, I went with a dubbing body and Pearl shrimp foil for the backing. I also removed the cdc under the swiss straw wing buds. Still a highly effective buggy pattern.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fundraiser Box

Here's a few flies for a fundraiser box I put together this week while the temperatures were sub-zero.

Bottom view of UV Polish woven

Top view of UV Polish woven

Side view

UV Tungsten Torpedo

Copper Ribbed Polish Woven

Caddis Larva

Box also included a few midges and dries.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gettin Jiggy

A few jig patterns I have been playing around with.