Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sunday's adventure

I was able to make it out with for a fishing day on Sunday. I fished with Jim, Neal and Gin. Thanks gents for a great day and the stream side sushi lunch, was the topper. The fellas met at my house at 6:00 am and we loaded into the Subaru and headed west up I-70. No traffic and made it over Pass and into Winter Park in no time. The fellas had to stop and Mickey D's for a bathroom break and just pulling into the lot at the same time was a good friend of mine Scott and his family. They got run out of their campsite by a few bears, the wild strawberries are in full bloom.

Back on the road, we made it up to the stream, got geared up and hiked in. Only one other car in the parking area, which was a great sign, and only saw a few other people fishing the canyon all day, which was key too. The fishing started of a bit slow, but once I found a rig that was working, well it was pretty much over from that point on. Because I we couldn't do no wrong and lots of big healthy fish were caught.

I managed to catch a couple rainbows, a few little brookies, and bunch of browns. Had a great time. We got off the river about 5:30 and hiked out of the canyon and made our way back to the car and headed home. A few fish pics from the day, sorry they are out of focus, wasn't really keyed in to taking pictures. But managed a few.

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Sanders said...

Glad you got out and put a bend in the rod...nicely done!