Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flashback ET PMDs

A few ET Pmds. Notice the middle left one with the pearl magic shrimp foil.

Poleberry Czech

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Blueberry

The Blueberry is a fly I featured at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and was a fly I could not tie fast enough. The fly quickly gained a cult following and for good reason. The blueberry was tied late this fall in anticipation of fishing it this winter. Then earlier December I found myself inside Cheesman Canyon it was mid day the sun was blocked by the clouds. The air was crisp and cool and I had just had retied my set up and had put this fly on. First Cast into the deep pool, brought forth a very thick 19" inch rainbow. A few hours later and about a dozen more fish all on the same fly. I had lost about 5 other fish that I had either missed or broke off. I had found the perfect winter combination fly and pretty hefty one to boot. The Fly originally is a size 12 & 14 Dohiku Grub 644 Hook.
Thread: Pale Water Olive UTC 140 denier
Weight: .015 lead
Body: Tying Thread (bottom colored with Yellow permanent marker and bleeding heart brown permanent marker)
Shellback: Pearl White Magic Shrimp Foil
Rib: Fine Silver Wire/Black Sulkey another combo is UV Quill Body Fly Dk and Copper Wire. (deadly combo)
Thorax: Siman Peacock and Squirrel Tail natural mix
Bead: Steelhead Blue1/8 mm Brass (variation Montana Lucent Tungsten Blue)

Variation with Brass Steelhead Blue Bead.

Variation With Copper and UV Rib Partridge Cz Hook

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foggy Mountain BWO

The Foggy Mountain BWO is a pattern, that I have been playing around in my head for sometime after seeing Michal Benatinsky's March Brown wet fly in the book Secret Flies of the Czech and Slovak Tiers. I finally got some time last week to put my thoughts to work. I wanted to keep the aspects of the original fly I was basing it off, but wanted to add a few twists into the fly as well. I decided to add a little UV dubbing to make the fly visible in the depths of the water and instead of going with a true soft hackle collar, I went with squirrel to give it added texture of spikiness. Take a look.

The Fly.
Hook: Dohiku G-644 # 16
Thread: Benecchi Thread Tan
Tail: Mix of light and dark Coq De Leon fibers
Body: 1/3 UV Olive Ice Dub and Olive Pearls Hare Ear
Rib: Fine Hot Yellow Wire
Wing: Matched Duck Quills
Thorax/Collar: Mix of Squirrel Tail Natural and Siman Peacock Eye Dubbing
Head: Thread Head/ colored with purple metallic marker and Lacquered with Hend's Clear Lacquer.

This will be a great pattern for hatching BWO's fishing it on the swing or dead drifting it through a deep pool. It should work in choppy pocket water and pick up a few fish as well. I have not fished it yet. Waiting for the right time to unleash this fly on unsuspecting trout. Which should come soon. Looking forward to giving this guy a try and see what happens.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

European Nymphing with Aaron Jasper

Here is a great introduction video to European Nymphing with Aaron Jasper. Aaron explains the techniques of Czech/Polish and French/Spanish nymphing. He also shows how to lead the flies, working the cast, leader set up and ties a few patterns in the video as well. Aaron had sent a box of the videos to my house for Kevin Compton to sell at the Denver Fly Fishing Show this past weekend. So Kevin and I decided to watch it right away. We both felt that Aaron did a great job with the Video, it wasn't a fish fest like some videos you see. He really concentrated on the ins and outs of European nymphing and explaining it all very well and clearly. The video was done very well and should clear up a few questions about European Nymphing.

If you need to add a video to your library, need an introduction to European Nymphing, want to learn a few new patterns to tie, check out this video. You can pick your copy up from Kevin at or Trout Predator online.

Also check out the Drone Stone from Aaron in the recent Fly Tyer Magazine.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year, Denver Fly Fishing Show and other notes of interest.

Happy New Year to you all.

A few notes of interest. Ill be tying this Saturday and Sunday January 8 and 9th at the Denver Fly Fishing Show at the Merchandise Mart. Should be a good time and the show will have something for everyone to check out from new rods, reels, gear, fly tying material and have tons of tiers on hand.

Also I came home to find a big box of DVD's on my front porch yesterday from Aaron Jasper over at Trout Predator online with his new European Nymphing and tying techniques. Got to watch the video last night with Kevin Compton and I think this is great introduction video for new comers wanting to learn the secrets of Czech/Polish/French and Spanish Styles of fly fishing. Kevin will be selling the videos at the show this weekend so swing by and check it out.
Also Kevin will have Dohiku barbless hooks in all sizes and ranges for sale as well.

I will be tying a splatter of bugs from the new Euro Trash Adams, some European Jigs and caddis flies as well, stop by and say hi.

Tight lines