Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is a little holiday twist. Its a copy of my recent gypsy fly, but have altered a few materials.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Slovakian Gypsy

The Slovakian Gypsy is a wonderful caddis pupa pattern. Not completely mature yet, but ascending towards adult hood.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Denver Fly Fishing Show

I was just added as a tyer to the Denver Fly Fishing Show! January 8,9, 10. Stay tuned for more details to follow as we get closer. A great way to start off the new year. Come down and see some great fly tyers and some great patterns.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Czech Nymph with Venison

Here is a recent Czech Nymph with some venison thorax.
Hook:Knapek G #14
Shellback: Pearl Magic Shrimp Foil, colored
Body: Mix of Hends Czech Dubbing and Siman Czech Dubbing
Hotspot: Siman Peacock Red
Thorax: Siman Peacock Bronze
Legs: Fly DK Venison

2nd view to show of Colored Magic Shrimp Foil.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall and Winter Fly Tying Demos

I thought I better get this out sooner then later. This is my fly tying demo schedule and it will take me up, down and around the front range.

To kick start the year I will be tying at the

Cherry Creek Angler TU Tying Clinic.
Thursday November 12th at the Aurora Association of Realtors
14201 East Evans Drive
Aurora, CO 80014

December 19, Chad Gauerke: European Caddis Patterns; Czech Nymphs and
Slovenia Sedges and Eastern European Materials.


Event January 16th Fly Tying Demo

Chad has become a big fan of the Euro School of Fly Tying and loves to play with their unconventional methods and techniques. Check out his take on the Czech Nymphs and other crazy patterns from the far side. Chad is also incredibly sensitive to mis-spellings of his name, so please try to commit it to memory before the show.

Charlie's FlyBox
(303) 403-8880
7513 Grandview Ave
Olde Town Arvada
Colorado, 80002

February 6. Chad Gauerke

Chad specializes in European style fly tying and will present his tying techniques for patterns such as the Czech Nymph. Chad fishes many of the waters in the Rocky Mountain Region and will demonstrate some of his favorite patterns. As with many of the tiers demostrating thier tying skill at Angler's Roost, he ties for the West Denver TU as well as other Front Range Fly Shops. Chad was also featured in Takahashi's Modern Midges.

Angler's Roost Fly Fishing Company
925 E. Harmony Rd, Suite 200
Fort Collins, CO 80525

and Ill will also be doing a demo at Hook Fly Fishing
2030 Unit D. E County Line Rd
Highlands Ranch, CO

Date to be determined.

And there is also the West Denver Trout Unlimited Tying Clinic in February.

I will keep ya posted if anymore demos come to light.