Thursday, September 30, 2010

3M acquires Ross

Now that 3M has acquired Ross Worldwide, will 3M expand on the Scientific Angler brand with Ross or will Ross help expand the Scientific Angler Brand. A few things to watch. Is this a sign that once staple manufactures are getting gobbled up by bigger corporate brands for the better or for the worse. A few things to ponder. Will Rod makers start lowering their price of their high end rods to meet a financially strapped person or will you save all your pennies to get that higher end rod. With this acquisition of Ross, who will be next.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheesman Canyon Gill Trailhead Clousure

Just FYI out there to all you hikers that like to hike into Cheesy Canyon. The lower trail from the parking lot is closing here soon for some repairs, see details below.

The Trail Head Lot will be closed by the USFS (the big lot off of Rt 126 -- scheduled closure is from Tuesday, October 12th, for 6 -7 weeks - which brings it re-opening around November 23rd thru the 30th

The closure is to allow them to store construction equipment to repair the culvert under FSR 211, the road that runs up to the dam - they plan to dam up Wig Wam Creek, pump that water past the culvert & road back into the Creek, dig out all the sediment and drop the culvert down 10 feet, where it originally sat - it is currently just a foot below the road - an emergency repair after last summers nasty floods.

At some time during the project, FSR 211 will be closed for about 7 days - which means no access to the Canyon will be available - good news is that the program will not muddy up Wig Wam Creek - at least that is the theory - since they will pump clear water past the in-creek work.

These dates could be moved back, depending on the diving work schedule currently ongoing at the dam - can't close the road if the divers are not done.

While FSR 211 remains open, access to the Canyon will still be available from the dam trail - the one where I have to bring oxygen tanks and Sherpas to carry me out

We will keep updates on the weekly report as we are advised by the USFS - the old dirt parking lot (the good o'le one) will not be opened during the closure - so basically no one will be able to access the lower Gill Trail (by parking legally) for the duration of the project -- and I can assure you that cars not parked legally will be ticketed - and legal parking will not exist.

But - we are looking at setting up a shuttle service from the shop to the trail head - just depends on how much of the trail is closed off - as we learn more on the project (and what will be open or closed) we will keep you advised

The service, if implemented, will not be free, but as reasonable as we can make it - all depends on response from all of you - so spread the word to all your Canyon buddies - have them send a short e-mail to us if they might be interested in such a service - we will take it from their.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, I got to go down to the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show last Thursday and got to meet some really good folks and talk to a few folks. Didn't have much time to see all the new gear and gadgets for the upcoming season. Got to talk to the Dusty at the Scott Booth for a few minutes and talked to John over at Hardy briefly and sat down with Mark with Partridge of Redditch for most of the time I was the show. The outcome of that meeting is that I am going to to be steep in tradition and aligned with a hook company willing to think outside the box and give some of the other hook makers a run for their money. I am now a proud member of the International Pro Team with Partridge. This is a truly a great honor and looking forward to many years with them. I am in good company too. The likes of Oliver Edwards, Marvin Nolte, Barry Ord Clarke, Ad Swier, Morten Oland, Jukka Taipo, Edward Muzeroll and myself. So at this year's demo's Ill be tying on Partridge hooks. Look for some really neat things from this company in the near future. Mark of Fishing Matters which also represents Varivas, Owner, American Fishing Wire, Marryat and others is getting deep in the Partridge tradition and working to restore the company back to its heydays. .

Partridge of Redditch has been under the wing of Mustad, Norway, for the past thirteen years, but recently has been returned to British hands.

Partridge has 130 years of heritage and can be credited with the invention of modern fly hook manufacture. Wet and dry fly classics are the benchmark hook for fly dressing and Partridge produce the preeminent salmon hook. Look for new hooks from this company in the near future.

Well now, gotta go get ready for some fall fishing on the Gunnison.

Tight Lines,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Platte River Apprentice

The Platte River Apprentice is an combination of my new designed Apprentice fly and Chris Schrantz's Platte River Spider. If you are not familiar with the Platte River Spider it has been a favorite streamer pattern of mine for years. You can check out the Tutorial over at I found that the Platte River Spider fishes best in fall. So with fall looming in the air I found myself at the bench getting ready for an upcoming trip. With the Apprentice still fresh in my mind I thought way not take the color scheme of the Platte River Spider and make an Platte River Apprentice.

So I broke out a few various dubbings and got busy blending them to the color and shag I was looking for. As soon as the dubbing was complete it was tying on.

Started off by tying the stinger hook first.

Partridge CZ hook #12
Thread: Black
Tail: Peacock Angel Hair, Yellow Marabou, Brown Marabou and Root Beer Crystal Flash
Body: Sunset Mix
Collar: Wood Duck colored

Main Body
Hook: Grip 13812 Streamer #4
Tungsten Cone Large
.030 Lead 11-13 wraps
Tail: Peacock Angel Hair, Yellow Marabou, Brown Marabou and Root Beer Crystal Flash
Body: Sunset Dubbing
Legs: Pumpkin Sili Legs
Collar 1: Wood Duck Colored
Collar 2: Mottled Marabou
Collar3: Yellow Marabou
Optional Hot Spot: Siman Peacock Eye Dubbing (I have tied a few with and few with out this hotspot, this one is with out the hot spot,)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stone Flies

Just finished up a few Golden and Black Stones for an order. Using the Partridge CZ hook.