Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Stuff

Decided to take a bit of a vacation from fly tying for the past month and some and get out and enjoy the outdoors. Have made a few ventures out for some fishing. With the super high water flows, haven't hit all the normal spots which was nice, because it got me outside the box of my normal places and got me to venture off the beaten path and hit some new body of waters, that I haven't fished previously or it has been years since I have wet a line in a few of the places.

Anyhow it was good to get out and have some fun. As for the fly tying, finally got the urge to sit down and twist up some bugs. I have spent the last a few nights in the dungeon twisting up various bugs of all sorts. Will get those photoed and posted here in the next week or so. But here is a little photo collection of various stuff. Enjoy.

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Sanders said...

I'm glad summer got in the way so you could get out and enjoy some time on the water...looks like it has been pretty fun :-)