Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tungsten Bugs

An assortment of Tungsten Thread Bugs in various colors and weights, some with single beads and a few with double beads. Shot in a few different angles. I had just finished twisting up these bugs to refill some empty spaces in a box and they were laid about the stealie coaster and I liked how they looked spead out and decided to take a few shots. After going through the photos these are the ones I thought really highlighted a few features in the flies in different angles and views.

Tails: Coq De Leon
Body: Benecchi Thread
Ribs: Fine Wire and Body Quills
Coating: Fly Rite's Fly Tite Cement
Thorax: Squirrel and Angelina
Bead: Tungsten
Hot Spot : Globrite Floss


Pat said...

Those are Bad Ass Chad!

Bluesmik said...

Hey Chad,

Great looking flies. What king of body quill material are you using?

Chad Gauerke said...


It is both Fly DK Pearl Body Quill from and Starfish UV Pearl Body Quill. They are both from Slovakia and are available from Kevin at Performance Flies. The stuff is great to make bodies and ribbing.

Unknown said...

Some nice flies there Chad. I'm pleased to find your blog.

Chad Gauerke said...

Thanks Richard. Glad to have you checking things out.