Monday, February 14, 2011

Got to get out and fish

I got to get out and fish a bit yesterday. We meet in Higlands ranch were we quickly hopped into Keith's truck and made the drive over to the canyon. We got a bit of late start opting to meet at 9:30 to let things warm up a bit. And what a great call that was, because it was absolutely beautiful day for it. After we made the snowpack trek up to the ridgeline and the icey and snowpack trek down to the river, we all took a different run to work. It wasn't long before I was into fish. We didn't hike far into the canyon, because all the early holes and runs were open and folks must have been further up the canyon. Both Keith and I caught fish, Robert had a more difficult day as did many other anglers we ran into. I hooked my fair share of fish though out the day and landed this brute of a fish about 4:20 just as we were getting ready to leave. Robert was fishing this little run and pool with no luck. He moved down stream a few yards, so I moved down a few feet and just above where he was and made a couple of cast and got this one to come up and take me for a ride. Ended a very beautiful day of fishing the canyon. Had a great time.


Pat said...

Nice work Chad and an awesome bow!!

Bigerrfish said...

Great great fish man!

Chad Gauerke said...

Thanks Gents. It was finally great to get out and get some time on the water.