Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foggy Mountain BWO

The Foggy Mountain BWO is a pattern, that I have been playing around in my head for sometime after seeing Michal Benatinsky's March Brown wet fly in the book Secret Flies of the Czech and Slovak Tiers. I finally got some time last week to put my thoughts to work. I wanted to keep the aspects of the original fly I was basing it off, but wanted to add a few twists into the fly as well. I decided to add a little UV dubbing to make the fly visible in the depths of the water and instead of going with a true soft hackle collar, I went with squirrel to give it added texture of spikiness. Take a look.

The Fly.
Hook: Dohiku G-644 # 16
Thread: Benecchi Thread Tan
Tail: Mix of light and dark Coq De Leon fibers
Body: 1/3 UV Olive Ice Dub and Olive Pearls Hare Ear
Rib: Fine Hot Yellow Wire
Wing: Matched Duck Quills
Thorax/Collar: Mix of Squirrel Tail Natural and Siman Peacock Eye Dubbing
Head: Thread Head/ colored with purple metallic marker and Lacquered with Hend's Clear Lacquer.

This will be a great pattern for hatching BWO's fishing it on the swing or dead drifting it through a deep pool. It should work in choppy pocket water and pick up a few fish as well. I have not fished it yet. Waiting for the right time to unleash this fly on unsuspecting trout. Which should come soon. Looking forward to giving this guy a try and see what happens.


The African Fly Angler said...

Nice pattern and tie. A definite fish catcher.

Chad Gauerke said...

Thanks, looking forward to fishing it, hopefully sooner then later.