Tuesday, January 11, 2011

European Nymphing with Aaron Jasper

Here is a great introduction video to European Nymphing with Aaron Jasper. Aaron explains the techniques of Czech/Polish and French/Spanish nymphing. He also shows how to lead the flies, working the cast, leader set up and ties a few patterns in the video as well. Aaron had sent a box of the videos to my house for Kevin Compton to sell at the Denver Fly Fishing Show this past weekend. So Kevin and I decided to watch it right away. We both felt that Aaron did a great job with the Video, it wasn't a fish fest like some videos you see. He really concentrated on the ins and outs of European nymphing and explaining it all very well and clearly. The video was done very well and should clear up a few questions about European Nymphing.

If you need to add a video to your library, need an introduction to European Nymphing, want to learn a few new patterns to tie, check out this video. You can pick your copy up from Kevin at Performanceflies.com or Trout Predator online.

Also check out the Drone Stone from Aaron in the recent Fly Tyer Magazine.

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Steve Zakur said...

Thought the video was a good introduction to the technique. I was a bit surprised they didn't reshoot or at least dub over the section where the audio isn't very good. Also, was disappointed that the piece on those springy sighters didn't include video of actually fishing that style of sighter.