Monday, September 28, 2009

International Guide To Fly Tying Materials

What is the International Guide to Fly Tying Materials? It is going to be a guide to different products I use in my flies from different manufactures from around the world. If you are interested in any of the products you see. Please comment and I can point you into the right direction.

Magic Shrimp Foil By Siman Ltd. from the Czech Republic is one of my favorite materials to work with. I use it on my Czech nymphs,scuds, wing cases, and bodies. It is a soft and very flexible material with a dull side and a shinny side. Added bonus is it takes well to coloring it. But it comes in 27 different colors. Standard size of 3/16" strips and fine strips 2/16".

Also by Siman is another version of the Magic Shrimp Foil that comes in 20 pearl translucent colors that is great for wing cases, czech nymph & scud backings, and midge bodies. It also takes a permanent marker, but loses the translucency.

The Magic Shrimp Foil comes in little baggies with enough material to tie anywhere from 100 to 125 flies. It also comes in a box of mixed colors with enough foil to tie about a 1,000 flies.

Magic Shrimp Foil Original

Magic Shrimp Foil Pearl

Magic Shrimp Foil Asst Box

Magic Shrimp Foil used on the wing case.

Pearl Magic Shrimp Foil as the Czech Nymph backing, notice the Jungle Cock showing through.

Another view of the magic shrimp foil used in the wing case. Here I colored the Magic Shrimp Foil to give it another dimension.

Tight wraps!

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