Thursday, September 17, 2009

Greys Streamflex Rod for Czech Nymphing!

I wish I would have seen the rod at the Fly Fishing Retailer show! This rod sounds like the bomb! Please read the review below from Flytying Specialties, I am quite sure you will enjoy. Cheers.

After trying as many rods as possible for Czech Nymphing, one rod stood above all the rest. The Streamflex series of ten foot rods simply outperformed all the others in the areas we considered. Performance on the water left us with no doubt as the choice for all serious anglers who utilize the Czech Nymph fishing method. We needed a lightweight rod that had the extra lenght required to reach out and fish those areas that a shorter rod could not handle. The sensitivity is excellent, allowing the connection between the flies and the streambed to be easily transferred into the handle.

We were also very impressed with all the details this rod offers that rods costing twice as much do not. The beautiful reel seet is matched with double locking nuts the bottom one incorporating an o-ring for added security. The rich olive bronze finish is very pleasing to the eye without being overly fancy. Even the rod tube is different with it's unique triangular shape. A very nice rod sock is also included.

"The Streamflex 10 #4 is the ultimate rod for modern river tactics, dries, wets, duo, trio, Czech style, French style-it handles them all with equal ease"

Scott Nellins, three time youth World and National flyfishing team leader.

We matched this rod with GREYS Streamlite reel to help balance the outfit and minimize weight. At only 3.4oz for the #2/3 model, it significantly reduces fatigue on the arm and shoulder. Many reels costing three times as much cannot compete with that weight and quality. The wide ranging click-check system gives faultless control, protecting even the lightest tippets. The raised and bolted reel foot provides superior strength, important when fishing along difficult terrain. The gold and silver finish and soft touch handle complete the classic look of a performance reel. Easily converts for either left or right hand retrieve.

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