Monday, October 27, 2008

How to increase fishing time with your wife and family

It was my anniversary this past weekend. We had a fabulous weekend. After the weekend, my wife said to me, well for pulling this off you have earned more fishing time. So for you fellas, wanting to earn some extra points with your wife and family and earn some extra needed fishing time. Do what I did. Surprise her with a quick over night stay at a bed n breakfast joint.

I knew our anniversary was coming up and instead of buying something for her, I went out side the box and arranged for some friends to watch our children for a night and took her down to a beautiful mountain bed n breakfast. The weather was absolutely perfect for end of October.

I had a dozen roses and a nice box of chocolates waiting. My boss gave us a really nice bottle of wine. So we were able to relax and enjoy our selves for a day and night. It was perfect. After the weekend, my wife told me that I have earned a ton of extra fishing time for pulling this one off.

So for you fellas, in need of some extra fishing time. Think out side the box, do something lovely for the wife and you to should earn extra time on the river!!1

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