Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall and a little new river

Woke up at 5ish on Saturday morning. Headed out the door to pick Todd up.

Got to Todd's and he was ready to go at planned time about 6:00 ish. Threw his gear in the truck and we were on our way headed west to a little new stream to both of us. About an hour and some later we arrived at the first pull out that looked liked the parking lot. But I was convinced this was not, so we decided to head further up the road. Next we came to an area we knew was the parking lot. So we jumped out and strung up the rods, waders and gear ready to go.

After we got ready and headed down to the river. Nice little river. I sat down to rebuild my leader and just kinda of listened to the river sing. Todd got him self all ready and headed up stream to where I was sitting. It took me a little bit to build my leader, but as soon as I was finished I got flies tied on and I was ready to go. I moved up stream just a tad about 100 or so hards away from Todd. Made my first cast and I moved a pretty nice sized trout. Worked up stream a bit and caught a few browns nothing of great size. I deciced that I wanted to head down stream and try some different areas.

As I walked down stream found some nice holes that held some very nice browns and bows. I was very surprised by some of the fish in this river. As we worked our way down river, we both manged to catch some nice fish. We fished here until about 2:30 before we decided to move to a different body of water to end the day.

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wyoflyfish said...

Always nice to find new water that rewards you. Looks like a great day to be on the water.