Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome To Father Natures Life on the Fly

Hi there and Thanks for stopping by. In this blog Father Natures Life on the Fly, I will be posting snippets of flyfishing and flytying in the Rocky Mountain West.

This first post is going to be about the Dirty CDC Caddis Fly that I created earlier this month.

The Dirty CDC Caddis came to life from the Dirty Caddis I produce only a few days earlier. The CDC really brought the Dirty Caddis to life when under water. I have tested the Dirty CDC Caddis on the Colorado River and Blue River. The Colorado River I fished the pattern just before dark when the caddis started hatching in swarms. The neat thing about the Dirty CDC Caddis is that is more of an Emerging Caddis that was brought to life. I was hooking fish as soon as the fly hit the water, on the drift and on the swing. I was really pleased at how the fly performed on the Colorado. The following Friday I took it up to the Blue because of the major Caddis Hatch the Blue river was seeing and I intended to fish the Palmer Gultch section, but with traffic and getting a late start from leaving Denver and wanted some good daylight fishing, I decided to try under the I-70 bridge and work towards the damn. This was a good call because the patterns I had tied were in sizes of #14 and #16 and not your normal sized tailwater fare of #18 and smaller, so this was a good test. I was very pleased because it performed just as good the Saturday before on the Colorado river. So this past week, I took it back to the vise to tweak the color combonations a bit. I decided to do some in a Olive, Natural Grey, and the brown ones. That was about the only thing I really tweaked with the pattern. The pattern is going to get another test run this upcoming weekend on the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork rivers.

The pattern-

Dirty CDC Caddis

Hook: Dohiku HDN 302 -

12Thread: Power Silk Brown 10/0

Underbody: .010 leadfree wire

Ribbing: Brassie Ultra WireBody: Dirty Dubbing (own Blend)

Emerging Wing Buds: Swiss Straw BrownLegs: Partridge

Wing Case: Magic Shrimp Foil Brown and recolored

Thorax: Brown CDC Dubbing mix w/Siman czech brown dubbing

Chad Gauerke
Father Natures Life on the Fly

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