Monday, July 28, 2008

Roaring Fork Valley

Headed up to the Roaring Fork Valley this past weekend with my Dad. We left Denver around 9:30am on Friday. We drove straight to Basalt with a quick stop at Taylor Creek before going to the campground at Rudei Resivoir. We set up camp back in the gully campground, there were only two sites left, so we made the right choice to set up campe before fishing.

Once Camp was set up, we put on our waders and headed down to the Frying Pan for some fishing. We decided to fish fish just below the dam for awhile, (wanted to get my dad into some fish right away). Got into the river and I tied on mysis and dirty cdc caddis. It didnt take long to get into my first fish. Within the hour I had caught about a dozen fish. My Dad also got into some fish soon after getting into the river. We worked my favorite stretch just below the little diversion dam for about an two hours before we moved down river.

Next stop was about 2 miles down river right before the first no trespass signs. We fished this section for about two hours and after many trout later we decided to head back up river to my favorite section on the Pan. We fished this section for about 3 hours and witnesses an incredible hatch of Rusty Quills. We didnt see many fish rising, we waited and hoped for a spinner fall, but that never materialized, so we headed back up to the dam area to fish the last hour of daylight we could.

Back at the campsite a little after 9:30 had a beer and got ready to turn in for the night. I had to kinda of keep my ears open for Jason, since he was going to try to find us at the campground so we could float the Roaring Fork on Saturday. Jason showed up almost close to 1:00 am with raft in tow. After a bit of chat with Jason upon his arrival, I headed back to tent to crash.

Woke up Saturday morning to a very nice day and after we got all of our bearings together, we headed down to Breakfast over America for breakfast, but they were jam packed and the wait was long, so we headed down to Carbondale for the grub. After breakfast, we headed to the flyshop across the street to arrange our shuttle and find out about what section to float. After a little of bit of discussion we decided to float Catherine's Bridge to Glenwood Two Rivers Park.

We finally got on the river around 11:00 am and launched soon after. The flows were a bit higher then expected. We started pounding the banks for fish. Since the river was higher, we had to work the soft seams next to bank for fish. I landed two fish from the boat after being on the river for an hour or so. It was after 1:00 pm before we found some public land to stop and wade fish. Since none of us were really familiar with floating the Roaring Fork we really didn't know what to expect and where to stop. At our first wade fishing, I had two hook ups, dad had none, Jason landed a really nice 22" bow and got a kiss from Stout the dog. Jason had another two hooks and that was about it, before we decided to move on.

Time for me to take the oars. Rookie is now Captain of the Raft, look out and secure your belongings. I didn't do too bad, I rowed for the next two hours down river, trying to concentrate more on what I was doing, being new to the oars and staying closer to the middle of the river, making it a bit harder for Jason and Dad to get to the fish. Finally I found an island were we docked and fished for a while. I did ok, a few hook ups of nice fish, landed a hunch back brown and lost a few more. It was starting to get late so we headed for Glenwood. Dad in front, Jason on oars, me in the back, I didn't fish too much at this point, but let my dad work the edges and try to get him into fish. We landed in Glenwood a bit after 4:00.

Now for the comical stuff of the day. Got the gear unloaded of the boat, somebody swiped my streamer box, what a bummer, I am still mad its gone. But Jason went to get the truck and back it down the dock, I noticed he was next, so I thought I could move the boat into the docking area, big mistake, I got out into the current and completely missed the dock, and I was on my way back down stream towards the canyon, I was able to get it to land but a good two hundreds yards past the dock. Boy I have a lot to learn on the oars, I was back rowing and still going forward, something didn't quite work out right for me. Oh well, I guess its part of the learning curve on how to row! Got the boat loaded up and gear stored away, said bye to Jason and Dad and I head into Basalt for Dinner with a quick stop at Frying Pan Anglers so I could get a new net. We had dinner at the River Bar and after dinner headed back up to the pan for some fishing.

We headed straight to the dam section and fished there until 9:30 or so. Both Dad and I caught fish which was nice since the first half of the day was pretty rough. We had the river pretty much to ourselves and fished a few different sections. Hoping for some pretty good dry fly spinner fall action, never really happened, so we headed back to the campsite. Rolled in around 10ish and talked about the day. Crashed around 11.

Woke up around 8:00ish on Sunday and broke camp down and loaded the truck up, headed down to Basalt for breakfast before heading back up to the river to fish. Got on the river just after 10ish and fished various sections working our way down river. After getting into the river I did alright when I first got into the river, but then it cooled down and took about an hour before I started hooking up again. Caught up to my dad and again moved further down river to a section I have never fished before. Started working the pockets and faster water with my streamer/dirty caddis rig and started hooking brown after brown for the next two hours. We decided to pack it in around fourish and head back to Denver. So Dad could spend Monday with the grand kids.

All in all it was a good trip!
Now back to the vise for the up coming Yellowstone trip in two weeks. Look for a few patterns to be posted in the coming weeks.

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