Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meet the Sultan!

So you know about the copper john, and you most likely have used or seen a prince nymph.  Well le me introduce you to the Sultan.  The Sultan is a cross bred of the Copper John , the prince nymph and some elements Mercer Nymph and what became the Sultan.  Now won't that sound interesting when out fishing with your buddies or guiding some clients and one asks what are you using.  This here is the Sultan! 

The Sultan flew in from the middle east on its ancient flying carpet. Really! it did, I don't know how else to explain it.  I was going through my boxes recently and realized I only had a couple copper johns floating around in the boxes and decided I need to restock them for an upcoming trip, but I wanted something a bit more fishier.  Yeah, you are thinking, make the copper john fishier... well, I had the same thoughts and it took me a few thoughts and ideas until I came up with, the Sultan.  Not to take away from the original copper johns that were floating around in my box, I  twisted, dubbed and spun up, these and they look to
be fishier then the originals.  Not really, but a combination of the three flies have this one screaming for fish.

Here they are in several colors.  The fly is pretty simple tie.  Here I tied them on Knapek, Skalka and TMC hooks.  The Knapek and Skalka are on Pupa size 14 and 14 hooks. TMC 5262 size 16.
Tails - Goose Biots
Body- 2 small Ultra Wires
Thorax- Blend of Squirrel, Hare, Cdc and synthetic dubbing
Bubble- UV and SLF Prism Dubbing
Prince Style wings Goose Biots.
Head- Tungsten Bead
Thread- Veevus, MFC, Bennechi or UTC.


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Unknown said...

Great looking flies Chad! Can you explain the tying sequence? How do you the " bubble"?
Thank you, Jim