Thursday, December 30, 2010

Polish Quills

So you are stripping some peacock quills for your nymphs, dries, mergers, midges or whatever you may be twisting up at the vise. As you know Peacock quills make very awesome looking segmented bodies. But are you stripping your quills with an eraser, your fingers, dipping it in a solution of sorts? Well, if you are and are sick of breaking them or find them too time consuming to strip, check out . They are a relatively new company over in Poland that is hand stripping the quills which eliminates the problems of cracking or breaking mid wrap because they are not dipped in some solution that weakens the quill. The quills that they are creating can be used on hook sizes from #12 to #22. They are also producing the quills in 10 different colors to meet all your natural and unnatural needs. Colors available are Natural, Olive, Golden Olive, Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink, Brown, Crimson and Ginger. Each Pack has 25 quills ready to be twisted into something buggy. Check them out and there quills. And the neat thing about them if you do decide to splurge and buy a few packs, is that they have a complete satisfaction program in place, if you don’t like them, send them back within 7 days for a refund. Happy Twisting


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