Monday, October 4, 2010

Rocky Mtn National Park & Lilly Lake

Got to squeeze in one more group family camping trip. We headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend with the Bryant St. Crew, Smirnows, Martins, Kellers, Popes and us. We got to the park just after 10:00 am Saturday and went and checked into our campground to see if we could get into our site and low and behold, our site was open for business. So we headed to the site and got camp set up, made lunch and got ready for a little hike. We decided to hike from the campsite down to Moraine Park to see and listen to the Elk. We managed a pretty good hike with 7 kids and one infant in tow. Got down to Moraine park and could see Elk everywhere through out the grass lands. Did our hike and made our way back down. As we were crossing the Big T inside the park, the kids wanted to play in the river for a bit.

As the kids were playing in the river there was a whole herd of Elk right behind us, bugling. So we checked out the Elk and made our way back to the campsite. As soon as we got back it was late afternoon already, cocktail hour.

Got dinner ready and sat around the campfire for a few hours, Jason and Steph played guitar and sang a bunch of tunes until 10:30 or so. At this time we decided to call it a night. Woke up the in the morning of course to find a bunch of deer right outside our site in the grass valley we overlooked.

Got breakfast going and broke down camp. Loaded up and instead of doing a hike, Quinn, Myles, Jason and I got to head up to Lilly Lake to get in some fishing while the girls decided to do one of the hikes based out of Lilly Lake.

We got dressed up in waders and rods strung, I tied on hoppers and beetles on mine and Quinn's rod and made our way down to the lake. We started walking around the lake watching rising fish every way. Got Quinn set up and he started casting, I in the mean time, cut the beetle off and went with a size 16 BWO and first cast, a beautiful greeenback cutt to hand. I quickly gave the rod to Quinn and let him play him and bring him in release him. He had a good time and asked me to do it again. So I made a few more cast and few more greenies for him to play he was having a ball. Caught up to Jason and Myles and let gave him a bwo that was working for us. We made our way around and hooked and lost a few and brought a few more to hand. That lasted a couple of hours and we were ready to head out. Wish I had the camera, Jen took it with Celia hiking, because Quinn was having a ball reeling in the cutties. Good times.

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