Sunday, October 11, 2009

17 degrees and snowing

When I woke this morning it was 17 degrees and snowing. What came to my mind was visions of BWO's hatching in the nasty weather. In anticipation of a trip to the Colorado River near Parshall, I decided to get busy and tie up a few fall BWO's. I sat down with the Barr Emerger in my sight to tie up. But that isn't what came off the vise today. The fly that came off the vise is the Fall Help on the Way BWO! The name is tribute to an October 9, 1976 Grateful Dead show and Help on the Way was what was playing at the time so I figured if I am getting skunked, break out the Help on the Way BWO.

Hook: Dohiku
Thread: Fly DK tying strand
Body: Mix of Flytyers Dungeon Fall Olive Dun and Nature's Spirit Mahogany brown dry and or Fall Olive Dun and Nature' Spirit BWO.
Wing Case - Magic Shrimp foil
Thorax - Siman Peacock Eye mixed with CDC brown dub
Beadhead: 2mm Black Tungsten.

I hope to take a picture later this week.

As for the fishing yesterday, it was windy and cold and cloudy. The BWO hatch never really materialized. Nice Browns were taken by both Matt and I. A few rainbows as well. Some midges were on the water, but everything was getting blown off the river as quickly as they hatched. It was a nice day to get out and enjoy some fall fishing. it will be about a week before I hit the river again. Back to the vise for the coming week and take some pictures of flies that are coming off the vise.

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