Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Performance Flies

Check out Performance flies at http://www.performanceflies.com to get your European flytying goodies, plus an offering of standard tungsten beads at a less-than-wholesale price: $17.50 per 100 beads (any size; in these colors: Gold, Black (out of 3.2mm), Nickel, Copper, Black Nickel; and, in limited sizes: Fl. Orange, Chartreuse, and Salmon Pink with Hot Pink on the way).

Fly D&K Materials:

*Synthetic Body Quill
Colors: Graphite & Brown

*Body Stretch Latex Foils (standard colors & pearlescent colors)

*Threads: 80 Denier, 120 Denier, and Universal Threads which are like Hends' "Elastic" thread used to make dry/nymph bodies.

*Muskrat Zonkers (more translucent, better mobility and longer guard hairs than rabbit): Natural, Brown, Dun, and Black.

*Rex Rabbit Zonkers

*Cat Zonker (white underfur, true black guard hairs -- somewhat like chinchilla but very distinct colors and no shades of gray)

New Dohiku Hooks are available as well.
New models/sizes:

Jig #8-12
Grub/Scud #14-16
Dry #10-12
Special Nymph Hooks for beadheads #12-14
Streamer #6-12 (the #6 looks really great: heavier wire & a more exaggerated sproat bend than their photo captures)

I have been using these products for a couple of years and have to say are some of the best flytying products I have ever used. If you have any questions, drop me a line.

Tight Threads.

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