Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Year Vacation

Howdy Folks of the great cyber world. 

It has been almost one year since my last post and just want to apologize for the lack of commitment of keeping this up to date and posting new goodies, patterns, trips and anything else juicy from my Life on the Fly. 

Instead of recapping the past year of my disappearance I will instead start fresh of things to look forward in the coming months.  I have been making trips into the dungeon regularly for the past few weeks spinning up a few patterns to replenish my fly boxes.   I have tied Juju's, mysis, midges, tungsten torpedo's and a few other various patterns.  But before I jump right back into blogging world, I want to know if folks are still interested in seeing new and old patterns, materials of late, anything else that comes to light. 

So the real question is does anyone still take the time to read this.  If so I will march forward and put up some new content, if not, well we just see what happens.   So if any one is still really interested in this little blog, please sound off. 


Ashley said...

Well back, I've certainly missed your posts so please continue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad,
I'm in the UK and I keep visiting your blog, and I've told many people about the exquisite fly as banner head on your site. You've often mentioned new materials and because several thousand miles seperate us, I've had to do some serious digging to find them.

I too have a blog - I fish what are called Chalkstreams in England, there are only a few of them and they're luxurious for invertebrate growth.

My blog is called wildbrowntrout on the wordpress format, - and I too have missed a year through life pressures, life changes, and just coming back to it. What I've realised in my research is that many people read and want a blog, but most do not actually ever type a response, which doesn't mean you'd be missed if you just let it hang out there in the ether with no updates, so keep it going, get back into the flow, I'm having to fight the same demons as you, but it is really appreciated, unfortunately, silently.
Keep it up, its a form of ranting in the dark and getting things off your chest and not having to get any form of editorial approval, you just do it for yourself.
Roger Fagan, Somerset, England.