Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Much Going On.

I feel like I have not updated this in quite some time, oh well, not too much going on. Camped and Fished over the Memorial Day Weekend. Nothing to special, fished 11 mile canyon with Jason, and our boys. The fish were hitting a variety of bugs, bwo emergers where the meal ticket for the 2 days we fished. Nothing very big, but then again, I didn't really care, because I was just happy to be out.

Then we were supposed to float the Gunny Gorge, but that got blown out with run off, so we headed to 11 mile canyon for a weekend of drinking and fishing. Fished Friday/Saturday and Sunday for a few hours. Good times were had by all and the fishing was good. Lots of fish, again nothing to big, but a few bruisers were caught.

Then a couple of weeks ago camped way above Ruedi Res and was going to fish the pan, but that was high and dirty with flows above 800 cfs. Not too fun. So we fished the inlet to Ruedi, nothing to special but fun to be out. Have tempted to break out the float tube, but have not gotten around to it. Bummer!

Haven't been down to the dungeon to tie much lately either, finished up with a few custom orders before the memorial holiday and only tied a 1/2 dozen bugs for fishing a few weekends ago, but haven't been back to the bench. Just got an order for some woven bugs, so looks like some tying time to come here soon.

I hope to get out this coming weekend for a few hours, don't know where yet. Maybe break out the tube and hit a still water for kicks and giggles, but again not too much happening. Been busy with Jen and Kids doing a ton of stuff, which has been a blast and nice filler from fishing.

anyhow, hope it goes well with the rest of ya!


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