Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Golden Stone of the Underworld

I recently finished a custom order of Golden Stones of the Underworld for a customer of mine. Sent them off and he got to fish them. He then sent this picture of the Stone in Action. What a great shot.

Here is a picture of the order that went out to him.

The golden stones were tied on the Partridge of Redditch's Authentic Czech Nymph Hook size 10. Perfect for stones!

A little history behind the hook that the fly was tied on. The hook is Partridge of Redditch's Authentic Czech Nymph Hook. This is the hook that matches the famous Czech nymph hook that was used in the World Championships. The Curved shank and the bold offset point are crucial to this design in the hook. The in-curved and offset point gives it a very secure hook hold even though it is barbless. These hooks are perfect for weighted nymphs used in the Czech style of fishing, hence that is why I recreated the Golden Stone on this hook vs the old hook I was using. The thicker wire and heavily weighted body gets this bad boy down to where the big piggies like to hang out.

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

wow your pictures have really progressed over the last couple months