Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, I got to go down to the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show last Thursday and got to meet some really good folks and talk to a few folks. Didn't have much time to see all the new gear and gadgets for the upcoming season. Got to talk to the Dusty at the Scott Booth for a few minutes and talked to John over at Hardy briefly and sat down with Mark with Partridge of Redditch for most of the time I was the show. The outcome of that meeting is that I am going to to be steep in tradition and aligned with a hook company willing to think outside the box and give some of the other hook makers a run for their money. I am now a proud member of the International Pro Team with Partridge. This is a truly a great honor and looking forward to many years with them. I am in good company too. The likes of Oliver Edwards, Marvin Nolte, Barry Ord Clarke, Ad Swier, Morten Oland, Jukka Taipo, Edward Muzeroll and myself. So at this year's demo's Ill be tying on Partridge hooks. Look for some really neat things from this company in the near future. Mark of Fishing Matters which also represents Varivas, Owner, American Fishing Wire, Marryat and others is getting deep in the Partridge tradition and working to restore the company back to its heydays. .

Partridge of Redditch has been under the wing of Mustad, Norway, for the past thirteen years, but recently has been returned to British hands.

Partridge has 130 years of heritage and can be credited with the invention of modern fly hook manufacture. Wet and dry fly classics are the benchmark hook for fly dressing and Partridge produce the preeminent salmon hook. Look for new hooks from this company in the near future.

Well now, gotta go get ready for some fall fishing on the Gunnison.

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