Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Materials

I was recently sent some new materials from my good buddy Kevin Compton at Performance flies. He is now importing some materials from Sybai out of the Czech Republic.

SYBAI Tackle s.r.o. is professional producer of tying materials and accessories for fly fishing. The way we develop and manufacture our products is putting great emphasis on quality and continuous process of innovation is enabling us to successfully export and distribute our products throughout the world.

Some of the materials I received from Kevin.
Flexi-floss is an excellent stretchable floss with all the qualities of rubber. This material is ideal when forming bodies and legs on any type of fly. I have been using the flexi-floss as a ribbing agent on both nymph and dry fly bodies. It is a very sturdy material and easy to work with. I have also been using it as gills on midge patterns. Comes in a huge assortment of colors.

Pearl Braidback is another material I got which is Very translucent and pearl luster material used in nymph bodies, backs and wingcases. This material makes for a great shellback on czech nymphs and makes a beautiful wingcase for nymphs. I need to experiment more with this material.

3D Epoxy Eyes,

The eyes are made by the most modern technology from the special resin of the excellent quality, which includes especially:

UV radiation resistance ( no getting yellow and color stability supporting)

long time elasticity ( scratching and cracking by stroke resistance)

high transparency ( against usually used resins on the polyester base our ones reach higher „ 3 D“effect)

The most of the 3D Epoxy Eyes are the original models, which SYBAI tackle is the only producer. I have not yet played around with these, but looking forward to twisting up some streamers using these neat, very neat looking eyes.
And one of my favorite products that I received was Fine Flash Dubbing. A fine diameter, Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, nymph and wet flies bodies. This material is a lot like the Siman Peacock dubbing, but with a wider variety of colors. This was the first product I broke into and started playing with. I took some Black Spikey Squirrel dubbing and the Burnt Orange color of Fine Flash dubbing and mixed it up to get a very neat Salmon fly body color. This stuff needs to be chopped up a bit for the fibers are long, but very workable. Looking forward to working with this material more as time goes on.
Well time to get back to the work bench and see what comes off the vise.
Tight Threads!


Normand Frechette said...

i have a question. is this a newer type of flexi floss? flexi floss has been out on the fly tying market for quite some time.

Chad Gauerke said...


No, it is not a newer type of Flexi Floss, you are right it has been around a long time, but this is a new manufacture to me and some of the colors that they offer I have not seen before. You don't get as much as some of the American suppliers, but you can't beat the color schemes that they are offering either.

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