Monday, January 18, 2010

Charlies Fly Box Demo

Just wanted to say thank you to all the folks that came out to see me tie at Charlies this weekend and for the folks that stayed for Kevin Compton's Demo. My demo started off good until the spilled coffee incident. So next year, Greg is going to have a big for me with a big ole lobster on it. LOL!!!

I have to say it was packed in there and with all the folks and side chatter and the shop buzzing with folks buy stuff I could hear myself at time as well. I had a good time. Thanks to Charlie, Greg and Ross for having me down again this year and allowing Kevin to follow me up. Hope everyone learned a new trick or two. I have the pleasure over the last two weekends to tie with, next to and watch Kevin twist up some bugs. A true master at the art of flytying. Next Demo will be up at Anglers Roost in Fort Collins Feb. 6th. Hope to see a few folks there. Ill be doing more CDC Hackle Stacklers/paraloop flies, some midges (Eastern European Buzzers), a competition nymph that Kevin showed me, a really neat little bug.


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