Wednesday, October 14, 2009

International Guide to Fly Tying Materials Part 2: Jungle Cock

Jungle Cock- This wild chicken from India has the awesome looking nail eye feathers, that are featured in cheeks and wings in traditional salmon fly patterns. I have used the nail eye feathers as a hot spot in Czech nymphs under the pearl magic shrimp foil.

The bird is protected and banned from import into the UK and the US, but the sought after feathers are available from domestic raised stocks in both Europe and in the US.

The feathers have been featured on salmon flies for years and more recently in the UK in trout flies. Most notably in buzzer and soft hackle patterns. I have been incorporating them into my streamers, nymphs and midge patterns.

A jungle cock cape comes at a huge price, but there are deals if you look hard enough. Both on Ebay and various fly tying websites offer deals on fishing grade capes, usually graded B.

Here are some nice pictures of Jungle Cock that I found scouring the net.

Jungle Cock Center

Jungle Cock Cape

Jungle Cock Center

Now for some flies with Jungle Cock, that I found scouring the net...

This one is tied by my friend Peter Durisik on a Dohiku Streamer hook. The Appetizer a little tasty looking number.

And a few I have tied up using jungle cock.

Pretty neat feathers and fun to work with. Gives standard flies a new little dimension.

Tight wraps!

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