Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fly Tying Zone

This post of the Fly Tying Zone is based on Grip Hooks! Grip Hooks are manufactured by ScientificFly from South Africa. Excellent designs, beautiful black, black nickel, and bronze finishes,. The hook ranges include standard trout fly hooks; barbless trout fly hooks; bass hooks; saltwater hooks; and carp hooks. Grips' characteristic long points make for sharper points and retain fish better, particularly while fishing barbless.

Check out their website for the list of hook models being offered.
For more information contact. or a list of USA dealers, contact:

Kevin D Compton
216-862-9382 EST

Kevin turned me onto this hooks last fall and I have nothing bad to say about the hooks. I have been using them along with Dohiku, Knapek, Hanak and Skalka hooks recently.

I have been tying more and more of my flies on these hooks and moving away from the barbed hooks. Just a preference and easy release of the fish. I don't need to use my hemostats at all when fishing barbless, because the hook slides very easy out of the fish or my self, when hooked. LOL. Below is a Picture and model # of Grips Barbless hook models.

Dry Fly 11011bl

Grip Caddis Pupa & Emerger 14723BL

Grip Dry Fly 11013bl

Grip Dry Fly & Nymph 11801bl

Grip Dry Fly 11911bl

If you get a chance give these a hooks a try!

Happy Tying!

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